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Hi everyone!  Thank you for visiting my site!

I have always been a food person.  My favorite childhood memories are making chocolate lollipops that I gave out in my birthday party goody bags.  My favorite college memories are homemade pizza nights every Sunday with my roommates.  My favorite memories with my husband are traveling to different parts of the world to try local cuisines (ask me about the time I ate an enormous plate of ant eggs at record speed without realizing what they were).

woman with red hair putting sprinkles on a cupcake
woman with red hair putting sprinkles on a cupcake

So imagine my surprise when in 2019 I got test results from a doctor saying my body had severe difficulty processing gluten, dairy, and eggs, and that this was leading to some health problems I’d been experiencing.  Cue the atomic bomb drop scene in Dr. Strangelove.

But what could I do?  Well, other than binge all the carbs and cheese I could for the first few weeks of denial.. I cut out all 3.  Went largely vegan.  And I discovered something pretty wild – every restaurant I went to had vegan options, and usually had gluten free options, but almost NEVER had great meals or desserts that accounted for BOTH vegan & gluten free needs.  The moment I realized that most store bought gluten free bread was made with egg was my breaking point – it was time to take matters into my own hands!  Literally!

Thus began my adventures into vegan and gluten free baking.  Experiment #1 was a chocolate cake that had so much sugar in it I didn’t sleep the whole night.  An early attempt at making my favorite childhood cookies (but now V/GF) melted and spread so badly the batter nearly went over the edges of the pan into the oven.  But the best way to learn is through trial and error, and I would never post a recipe I didn’t believe in.

Whether you are vegan, celiac, have allergies, are baking for a large group and want to play it safe, or just want to be more conscious about what you put into your body, I hope you find recipes on here that make each day a little bit brighter.  And I solemnly swear to never slip ant eggs into a dish.

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